Do I have to pay extra for live support?

No! Support is included in the subscription fee. For further details, visit the Pricing Plans section.

How do you provide training and support on using restaurant POS?

IRestaurant POS is an amazingly intuitive system to work with. A close associate says “If you know what you want to do, then you don’t need to think how to do it in Restaurant POS.” Restaurant POS is really simple to self learn. We have several how to videos, each of around a minute length to get one started on the Billing.

How much does a Restaurant Manager system cost?

Restaurant Manager is designed as customizable system that can be configured to suit a specific business’ needs. The system cost can vary widely depending on the type of operation, the size of the business, and what kinds of solutions the business is looking for. Your local Restaurant Manager Dealer can provide you with a personalized assessment and quote.

Is there a manual available for my system?

A Restaurant Manager manual is available and a link from the back office will be one of the features available for v19, however, because Restaurant Manager is adaptable to a huge variety of business types the manual is very expansive and not a practical tool for most restaurant owners. The best way to learn about the capabilities of your specific system is to request training from your Restaurant Manager Dealer. Most Restaurant Manager Dealers offer training hours as part of their annual service agreement.

How often do I need to upgrade my system?

The Restaurant Manager software development team is working constantly to improve our offerings and create an increasingly robust POS system. Many factors go into the development of new versions of the software from changes in payment processing to new bottom line boosting features. Because each new version released incorporates so many added capabilities that can help your business, we recommend that you keep your system current and upgrade with each new release. Many Restaurant Manager Dealers will offer free upgrades as part of their annual service agreement.

I am switching from a different POS system to Restaurant Manager, Do I need to buy new hardware?

This depends on the condition of your current hardware. Check with your local Restaurant Manager Dealer as to whether your existing hardware meets all the requirements for you new system. Many Dealers will not support hardware that is outdated or not fully functioning as it may negatively affect the performance of your system and could potentially void your Dealer’s new system warranty.